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Results 2002

Scores and statistics from 2002 will be posted here.



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IGSA - Asha

Challenger Trophy








Casual cricket in 2002 started in the first weekof May. Initially we had about 15 odd people playing during the weekends. As summer drew near, the strength grew immensely and by August, we had about 50 people playing on and off.

IGSA - Asha Tournament:

The Indian Graduate Student Association decided to organize a tournament for charity. Asha , an organization dedicated to socio-economic change in India, was identified as the recipient of the funds raised by the tournament. Please visit the link on the left to learn more.

Challenger Trophy:

A team of twelve visited Houghton, MI in July 2002 to play a series of three games. Michigan Technological University played host to the Madison team. Although, Madison didn't win the series, this tournament paved a way to build and vitalise cricket back home.Please visit the link on the left to learn more.