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1) How much is the membership fee and why should I pay it?

-The annual membership fee is $ 15 for students and $ 30 for working people. This money goes into

- developing and maintaining the ground.

- buying equipment.

- organizing tournaments.

2) When will the tournaments be held ?

- We are planning to schedule tournaments in either of the following formats:

- 2 tournaments : MCC Kick Off tournament in May - June and the IGSA - Asha tournament in September.

- Champion's league in June - August

3) What if I want to start a team or join a team ?

- There are already five teams that took part in last year's tournament. New teams are most definitely welcome. You have to inform us before the end of May.

- Information about existing teams will be posted on the web site. You can contact the captains directly or we will arrange that.

4) How does the equipment usage work ?

- We are planning to procure enough equipment that can be distributed over all the teams.

- For people who are not in any team, we will provide equipment from the office.There will be a check-in and check-out sheet available. This will help us keep track of the equipment.

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