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Garner Park

We have three fields where a lot of cricket is played. Our primary home is Garner Park, located amidst a scenic park in Madison's west side.


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Garner Park

Olive Jones Field

UW Softball Fields







Garner Park - This is the main cricket center in Madison. It's located on South Hill Drive just off the Mineral Pt Rd and Whitney Way Intersection. The pitch is clay with very little grass on the surface. When properly rolled, the bounce on the pitch is just amazing. We are in the process of installing a concrete base and an astro-turf pitch. This would make the bounce on the pitch even and the cricket exciting.

The outfield is lush grass cut pretty low to aid smooth movement of the ball. The field is surrounded on 3 sides with 20 - 30 ft high trees. It is a pretty sight in early fall when the foliage turn into all colors imaginable.

We also have a few other cricket playing facilities near the UW campus.

Olive Jones Field - The surface here is concrete with a fence all around the field. This is primarily used for taped ball cricket. This is located off Regent St.

UW Softball fields - Located near Natatorium on the west side of the campus, this has lush green fields with a make shift pitch. Primarily used for tennis ball cricket.