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1) Parking - Do not park your cars on South Hill Dr. You can park it on Rosa Rd or in the parking lot at the junction of Mineral Pt & Rosa Rd. We have been getting too many complaints and we do not want to antagonize the residents and jeopardise our season. We are going of penalising teams which do not obey this.

2) Trash - We can still see trash all over the place. Please make sure you clear out everything and dump it into the trash bin that is right next to the pathway.

3) Scores - Get 3 copies of the scoresheet ( downloadable on the MCC site) for every game. The scores have not been submitted by most teams. We can't really have a record of our season if we don't get the scores. The winning team has to collect the scoresheets and submit them. There will be a folder in the kit bag. Just make sure you put the scoresheets in it.

4) Noise - We had complaints about noise before 8 a.m. There is no way people are going to be quiet. That leaves us with this as the only option. We are thinking of moving the games to 8 a.m. after the first round. Till then please keep the noise levels down.

5) Fees - Please submit the remainder of the fees before this weekend ( June 21-22). Any team which has not fully paid its dues will not be allowed to play next weekend. This is a serious issue and needs to be resolved right away.

6) Practice - Each team mail us with 2 preferred slots. I will accomodate you permanently in one of those two slots. If you want any changes later on, contact the other teams. We will allot the slots. No requests will be entertained after that.

7) Kit - We are expecting the kits to arrive here early next week. Hopefully we will distribute them before next weekend's games. Till then we have to adjust with whatever we have. One of the helmets is broken. People are careless with common equipment. The inners are missing. Please show some responsibility when it comes to this. When you come to collect or return the kits, I expect people to find temporary parking and come to my door. I am not going to come out for this.