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Rules & Regulations

Information pertaining to rules of the game, regulations of our club and operational conditions will be posted here.


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Operation committee:
1) Formed by club facilities planner & 2 representatives from each team - Manager & Captain.
2) Frames the rules & conditions along with the executive body.

Captain's Role:
1) Submits team list.
2) Responsible for the membership fee.
3) Resolves conflict on/off field along with other captains, umpires and the executive body.

Manager's Role:
1) Schedules games for every tournament and the league with other team managers.
2) Is in charge of equipment for the team.
3) Ensures prompt response from the team on any issue.

The following set of rules have been developed specifically for MCC. These rules will be used instead of standard ICC rules.

1) No LBW's & No Leg Byes.

2) Win : 3pts, Tie : 1 pt & Loss : 0 pts.

3) Rain affected games: Any game in which a full first inning ( 25 overs or 10 wickets ) has been played will be continued on a different day. Any other game will be considered a washout and rescheduled.

4) Umpiring : If the umpires turn up late, their team loses half a point and if they don't show up, their team loses a point. Umpires must report 15 minutes before the game. Umpire's team will lose a half a point if the umpire is not present at the start of the game. The team captains will decide on the start of play with their own umpires.

5) Teams must have 8 members to start a game.Teams with less than 8 members will have to wait for the requisite number to be reached. They will be penalised at the rate of 1 over for every 4 minutes they delay the game. After 30 minutes are over, the team will forfeit the game.

6) There will be a 20 minute break between innings.

7) There will be a maximum of 17 members on a team. Each and every one of the members should have paid their membership dues. This list must be submitted to MCC before the start of the tournament.

8) The team captain will submit a list of 11 players before the start of the game. If there are not 11 players present at the start of the game, the team cannot have substitutes in the game at that point. Any team with 11+ members present can have a maximum of 4 substitutes who cannot Bat , Bowl or Keep wickets.

9) Only the captain should approach the umpire to discuss anything. Any form of resentment shown towards an umpire's decision will be penalised accordingly.

10) Both teams should keep scores and confirm with the umpire at the end of each over.The scores should be submitted to the umpire at the end of the game.The umpires are responsible for submitting the same to the operational committee.

11) Any issue which cannot be resolved on the field will be resolved by the 8 member captain's committee.