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We have a lot of work that can be delegated for better efficiency. If interested, please email the manager.


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Membership Benefits:

1) We are going to lay a concrete pitch topped by astro-turf that will combat the problem of uneven bounce.

2) We are purchasing new equipment( bats, balls, helmets, guards, pads, etc) which will be available for use to all members of the club.

3) We will conduct tournaments through out the summer on the lines of last year's tournament. Competitive cricket is always a sure winner.

4) We will invite teams from other cities to play against the club's teams. Selection for this would be based on performance and participation. This is only for members.

To achieve all these goals, we need active participation and monetary support from the cricketing community of Madison.

We have fixed an annual membership fee of 15$ for students and 30$ for working people. If you are interested and willing to contribute the fee, please fill out the form with all the required information.

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